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To complete your DSC2 portfolio you will need to complete at least 3 witnessed stalks.

If you registered before 1 June 2010, and have a Blue portfolio, at least one of these stalks must be witnessed by an Approved Witness or an Accredited Witness, the others can be witnessed by a Credible Witness.

To be a credible witness for a DSC2 stalk, a witness must either hold DSC2 themselves, or a relevant qualification. Those who hold a qualification such as a Vet or a Meat Inspector may act as a credible witness for relevant Performance Criteria. Credible Witnesses also have access to the Witness Guidance.

If you are in any doubt about whether a witness can be regarded as credible, check with your assessor.

If you registered after 1 June 2010, you will have been issued with a Green portfolio, and all 3 of the stalks must be witnessed by an Approved Witness. Candidates who register after 1 June 2010 will receive a list of those Witnesses who are currently approved by DMQ with your DSC2 portfolio, and may choose any Approved Witness from that list. You can also view the Guidance issued to Approved Witnesses.

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