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The award of DSC2 is based on a portfolio of evidence and any supplementary evidence that you have supplied.

When you submit your portfolio to the Assessment Centre, it will be sent to an Assessor, who will check that it is complete, and that the evidence you have presented is satisfactory in all respects. The Assessor may contact you, and your witnesses, to be satisfied about the validity and sufficiency of the evidence.

When the Assessor is satisfied, the portfolio is then passed to an Internal Verifier who will confirm that all is well before recommending the award of DSC2. The Internal Verifier may also contact you or your witnesses.

If the evidence supplied by you is not sufficient the portfolio may be returned to you for further evidence to be obtained and submitted. This can of course result in delays in the issue of a certificate and can be avoided by providing the correct evidence at first submission.

If you have any complaint about the assessment process, it should be directed in the first instance to your assessment centre.

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