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Before you start to gather your evidence for DSC2 we would strongly advise you to contact your assessor.

When you register for DSC2 you will be sent a portfolio, CD containing a candidate briefing, some important information, and a list of Accredited Witnesses. Please read all of the documents carefully and view the candidate briefing CD. You are also advised to consult the Best Practice Guides issued for England and Wales or the Best Practice Guidance issued for Scotland, depending on where you live or stalk.

The Portfolio is the key document and contains records for 3 separate culls.

Candidates who registered before 1 June 2010. These candidates were issued with an Edition 5 (Blue) portfolio. For Edition 5 portfolios, each cull has to be witnessed by either an Approved Witness, an Accredited Witness or a Credible Witness and at least one of these stalks must be witnessed by an Approved or an Accredited Witness.

Candidates who register after 1 June 2010. These candidates are issued with an Edition 6 (Green) portfolio. For Edition 6 portfolios, all 3 of these stalks must be witnessed by an Approved Witness.

Witnesses record the cull by completing the portfolio and recording any questions that they asked. The candidate has to provide a description of the stalk in the cull record. It is possible to complete a portfolio in a single day (i.e. all 3 stalks), but each stalk must be separate.

On some occasions it will not be possible to complete all of the elements ( performance criteria) of a stalk but those that can be completed should be recorded, the remainder can be completed on another occasion and/or by another witness. Before the portfolio is finally submitted however, all of the performance criteria for all 3 stalks must be completed.

Witnesses should make clear to you exactly when their assessment of your performance starts and finishes, they may need to do so several times during witnessing. Witnesses are provided with Guidance on their role, which is to record what candidates do, to ask candidates questions and record the answers. Witnesses are not to lead candidates or to provide training. It is not for witnesses to tell candidates what equipment they must carry or how, for example, they must gralloch a deer. However, where the candidate is stalking on ground with which only the witness is familiar, it would be expected that the witness can brief the candidate on what the cull criteria are for the day, on where it would be worthwhile stalking, and if asked, to provide information on the topography of the ground.

In addition to the portfolio the candidate may wish to submit additional evidence such as past cull records or statements from game dealers. Such evidence must be relevant and no older than 3 years old at the time of final submission.

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