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A gentle reminder to all potential DSC 2 candidates that to register for DSC 2 you require to hold a WGMH qualification in large game this can be obtained via 3 routes:


• Recent DSC 1qualification (obtained after 2006, Blue DSC 1 Certificate)
• Lantra Large or Large and Small Game meat hygiene qualification
• NGO Large or Large and Small Game meat hygiene qualification

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Latest statistics DSC1 DSC2
Registered 26,001 8,938
Completed 24,263 5,312


Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ) exists to promote high standards in the humane management of wild deer. This objective is supported by the deer industry and is achieved by providing candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and competence through Deer Stalking Certificates: DSC1 and DSC2.

This site is designed:

to provide initial information to potential candidates for DSC1 and DSC2; and

to inform current holders of DSC1 and DSC2 of changes to the standard, best practice, and other news.

Last updated on 9 June 2017

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